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SimpleDEMViewer browses DEM ( Digital Elevation Model ) data as a relief map. It displays colored map with shading. Since no data is included in this package, user should prepare DEM data separately.
  SimpleDEMViewer draws bird's-eye view, stereographs, panorama view, grayscale map, orthographical, Mercator and other projection maps.

DEMs supported

GTOPO30, HYDRO1K, SRTM, SRTM DTED, SRTM30plus, ETOPO1, ETOPO2, ETOPO5, GLOBE, GDEM, GeoTiff, netCDF, some BIL forms, USGS Ascii, USGS SDTS, ArcInfo Ascii, DEMs from GSI of Japan.


  • Displays color elevation map in a window with or without shading.
  • Draws lakes. User can create lake data for various DEMs.
  • Draws contour lines on the color elevation map.
  • Makes Conical, Orthographic, Mercator, Azimuthal Equidistant and Azimuthal Equal-Area projection maps.
  • Makes Bird's-eye view pictures, stereographic pictures, profile charts.
  • Makes Panorama view. ( V4 )
  • Colorizing visible region from some point. ( V4 )
  • Measure mileage along any path. ( V4 )
  • Creates memo to show mark and strings on the map.
  • Memos can show pictures, movies or web pages.
  • Creates routes and area data on the map.
  • Saves pictures as files in any format that Image Kit supports, or as PDF.
  • Show any place in Apple's "Maps" or "Google Map" pointed on the map window. ( V5 )
  • Read simple Placemark of KML file as user memo data. ( V5 )
  • Supports Lambert Conformal Conic projection map. ( V5 )
  • DEM Inspector supports to amend each elevation value. ( V5 )
  • Export new DEM data file of bil form. ( V5 )
  • Supports adding and updating strings on picture windows. ( V5 )
  • Supports 3D movie. You can flight or cruise in landscape. ( V5.5 )
  • Supports shading by slope. (V5.8)


Version 5 : OS X 10.8 or newer
Version 4 : Mac OS X 10.6 or newer

Screen shots

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Download SimpleDEMViewer 5.8.8 ( 3.3 MB )
  Download User manual V5.8 ( 2.4 MB )

Download SimpleDEMViewer 4.4.9 ( 3.0 MB )
  Download User manual V4.4.4 ( 3.7 MB ) .

Download Data Utility 3.0.5 ( 234 kB )   (  Converts type 3 user data to text files and vice versa. )

Sample data

Download World Boundaries and Rivers : ( 26 MB )
User route data derived from 'World Boundary Databank II'

Download Coastlines, Islands and Lakes : ( 21 MB )
User route data derived from 'World Boundary Databank II'

Download world sea names. 1.5 kB
   ( was included in SimpleDEMViewer 3.9.5 package )

Release notes

Version 5.8.8 ( Oct. 16, 2016 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Crash or draw invalid image after reading GeoTiff DEM files if they are compressed internally. SimpleDEMViewer rejects them.
    • Strings and lines are placed invalid position in a saved picture other than pdf format, when picture is shrunk in a picture window.

Version 5.8.7 ( Sep. 24, 2016 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Sea, lake and sky are drawn in invalid color if you change those colors using GrayScale / CMYK / HSB sliders in Color Picker.
    • Program may terminate abnormally just before Panorama View finish drawing in Preview mode.
    • When updating User Route Data using dialog, in the main window, user data will be redrawn according to your node selection but background map will not move..
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.8.6 ( Sep. 7, 2016 )

  • 3D Movie returns to "Other Plane DEM".
  • Corrects following issues.
    • "No address DEM" may be treated as "Other Plane DEM".
    • Under OS X 10.11 ( El Capitan ) in file reading panel, "Read two levels" option is hidden by "Option" button.
    • Drawing picture may stop just before finishing in Bird's eye view and Stereograph, when activating first time in your account.
    • 3D movie may start at invalid position when activating from popup menu first time after program starts.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.8.5 ( Aug. 5, 2016 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Can't show GeoTiff DEMs correctly, which is separated to tiles ( or blocks ) internally.
    • Can't save and restore a working set, when you use Arc/Info ascii DEM files whose coordinate system is "General plane".
    • "3D movie" menu item is active when using DEMs whose coordinate system is "General plane".
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.8.4 ( July 9, 2016 )

  • Supports some type of KMZ data that contains a file with different name from KMZ file.
  • Corrects following issue.
    • Sometimes very wide panorama view cannot draw advancing picture during drawing, especially under El Capitan.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.8.3 ( Apr. 7, 2016 )

  • Corrects following issue.
    • Under OS X 10.11 El Capitan, cannot draw map correctly after scaling down by pinching using a trackpad.

Version 5.8.2 ( Mar. 30, 2016 )

  • Make contrast higher for shading by slope.
  • Determine GeoTiff file earlier, so that you cannot select other tiff file in dialog to open files.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Cannot read GeoTiff file that has width or height between 32768 and 65535. No support width and height longer than 65535.
    • Panorama dialog will disappear when clicking [+] button to add new level color with selecting bottom color.

Version 5.8.1 ( Feb. 21, 2016 )

  • Projection maps supports shading by slope.
  • Drawing edges of DEM file region is improved when map is extended.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • When UTM and Geo-DEM co-exist, light shading is always taken for Geo-DEM region even if shading by slope is specified.
    • Color set is not restored when Reset button is clicked in Preference dialog.

Version 5.8.0 ( Feb. 3, 2016 )

  • Supports shading by slope.
    No shading, by light, by slope, both types are available in preference panel.
  • Suppress drawing when too many names should be drawn on the main window to avoid operation be almost stalled.
  • Suppress re-saving of user data at quitting when no data is changed, added or deleted from start-up.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Old user memo data remains on the main window after updating it.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.7.0 ( Dec. 21, 2015 )

  • Supports XY-plane of Japan for ArcInfo ascii DEMs.
  • Supports UTM and XY-plane of Japan with world file for texture maps.
  • Supports texture maps that has addresses not parallel with coordinate system specified by world file.
  • "Remove data" dialog adds an item "Texture maps".
  • Adds "Select all" button to "Remove data" dialog.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Ignore texture map addresses changed previously, for textures that have native address.
    • When some texture maps are loaded automatically at the start up, those are remained even after named-working-set is read.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.6.2 ( Nov. 22, 2015 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • BIL form DEM may not be read correctly when HDR file has no entries for addresses and pitches, and BLW file exists.

Version 5.6.1 ( Nov. 15, 2015 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Program is frozen when start reading ArcInfo ascii DEM file other than geo-referenced under OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
    • Ver.5.6.0 cannot draw DEMs other than geo-referenced correctly.

Version 5.6.0 ( Nov. 14, 2015 )

  • Supports new entries in HDR file for BIL form DEMs.
  • In HDR file for BIL form DEMs, if no UTMZONE nor XYPLANE is specified and address is outside of degree system (-180 to 180, -90 to 90), 'XYPLANE 0' is assumed.
  • Supports shrank view for large pictures. Bird's eye view, Stereograph, Grayscale map, Projection map.
  • Supports selection of frame rate for 3D movie.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • 3D movie is broken often in rotation mode.
    • In 3D movie dialog, Reset button of Boat mode sets invalid altitude value.
    • In HDR file for BIL form DEMs of geo addressing, even data pitch is greater than 0.1, it is treated as in degrees instead of arc seconds.
    • Crash when cancel projection map during drawing.
    • If one DEM file covers more than 360 degrees around the world, east of the overlap area may not be drawn.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.5.0 ( Oct. 23, 2015 )

  • Supports 3D Movie. There are three modes, rotation, flight and boat. => sample movie.
  • Supports bil form DEMs with file extension ‘FLT’.
  • Extends entries of HDR file for bil form DEMs so that USGS’s GridFloat format DEMs can be read without any modifications.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Projection map creation may crash if it draws large amount of user data under OS X 10.10 ( Yosemite ) or newer.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.4.3 ( May 22, 2015 )

  • Supports JAXA ALOS World 3D-30m DEM.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Crash after reading GeoTiff file that is not DEM data.
    • Displaying "0m" for sea area when specifying interpolation. Changed to "N/A".
    • In the projection map windows, background color was drawn to right edge of the window if the string has plural lines.

Version 5.4.2 ( Apr. 29, 2015 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Crash after closing panorama-view-window during mouse point information ( azimuth and elevation angle ) is showed in window.
    • Crash after close windows by clicking close box with option key pressed, when more than one window including panorama-view on OS X 10.8 and 10.9.

Version 5.4.1 ( Apr. 26, 2015 )

  • Corrects following issues.
    • Change-all in Edit-user-data dialog takes too long time when kind menu or layer menu is not "All".
    • Cannot draw User area data if UTM or XY-plane coordinate system. ( Ver. 5.4.0 only )
    • Name of user area data is not appear fully on the map after changing title string attributes..

Version 5.4.0 ( Apr. 23, 2015 )

  • Supports "LineString" and "Polygon" in KML and KMZ file, those are treated as user route data and user area data.
  • Supports options to omit drawing of area data or area name when area is small enough on the map.
  • Improve saving speed to save user area data. Area data file format is changed, so that older program can not read new file correctly.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Under OS X 10.10.3 ( Yosemite ), alert dialog to stop panorama view drawing did not appear.
    • May crash after loading named working set.

Version 5.3.4 ( Mar. 30, 2015 )

  • Corrects an issue that color set in a panorama-view-setting-file is not set correctly when reading the file and color set is different from any named color sets.

Version 5.3.3 ( Mar. 23, 2015 )

  • Improved drawing for seashore.
  • Corrects following issues.
    • Arc/Info ascii DEMs may not be read if Arc/Info is installed.
    • Color set "Sea Depth" had invalid boundary elevations;
    • Invalid lines may appear when gradation is used.

Version 5.3.2 ( Mar. 13, 2015 )

  • Correct an issue crashing when opening User Data Preferences.

Version 5.3.1 ( Mar. 11, 2015 )

  • Correct an issue crashing after reading ArcInfo ascii DEMs if those are other than geo referenced DEMs.

Version 5.3.0 ( Mar. 10, 2015 )

  • Supports DEMs that have general rectangular plane coordinate system.
  • Ignore datum of GeoTiff DEMs, so that can read GeoTiff DEMs widely.
  • Shade strength factor is extended up to 8, so that to emphasize undulation of smooth surface.
  • Place info will be shown near mouth cursor on a panorama view window.
  • Rectangular setting dialog shows accurate position even for no address DEMs.
  • Correct following issues.
    • Too much space in Bird's eye view at top sometimes.
    • Void area ( and sea if "Treat sea as no data region" is specified ) may not be colored correctly when showing both UTM DEMs and Geo-referenced DEMs.
    • Mouse point election value may be invalid on overlapping area when showing plural DEMs they have void data.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.2.3 ( Jan. 25, 2015 )

  • Make intervals of parallels and meridians shorter when "Auto" is selected especially when scale is smaller..
  • Show Save-Panel to save picture in expanded mode always.
    Under OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) Save-Panel with picture format option fields cannot run in collapsed mode.
  • Correct other minor issues.

Version 5.2.2 ( Jan. 5, 2015 )

  • Supports opacity of line colors of user rout data and background colors of user data strings.
  • Correct that some older netCDF DEM files are cannot read. (5.2.1)

Version 5.2.1 ( Dec. 8, 2014 )

  • Support newer format of netCDF, so that can read ETOPO1 of netCDF format.
  • Change settings to start SimpleDEMViewer in English instead of Japanese, when neither English nor Japanese is not included in language list of "System Preference" under OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Correct other minor issues.

Version 5.2.0 ( Nov. 14, 2014 )

  • DEM Inspector supports to amend each elevation value.
  • Create new DEM file includes some read DEMs or some portion of DEMs.
  • Supports Lambert Conformal Conic projection map.
  • Supports adding and updating strings on picture windows such as projection maps, Bird's eye view, Stereograph and Grayscale map windows.
  • Correct following issues.
    • Can't change opacity in the texture dialog.
    • Color table in the Panorama View dialog does not work.
    • Can't show string dialog on a Panorama View window.
    • Only frame of user area data is drawn to any projection map, when mac has retina display.
    • Can't write a pdf file replacing old file when saving picture file.
    • Other minor issues.

About OS X Mavericks (10.9)

  • Under Mavericks, error message is shown on console when you show save panel to save pictures. Control field to select file type is too big and no control appear to create world file option. All they are caused by Mavericks's bug, and I have no solution to avoid them. You should wait Apple's action fixing it. ( Fixed in Yosemite )
  • Create-world-file option is moved to Preferences panel.

Version 5.1.4 ( Oct. 24, 2014 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • Can't create new color set, crash occasionally.
    • Can't create Conical Projection Map if center point is in southern hemisphere.
    • Crash after removing all DEM data, if you created Panorama view previously.
    • Can't load named working set after you canceled auto restoration at start up, loading a named working set or reading files from open panel.

Version 5.1.3 ( Aug. 19, 2014 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • Crash when restoring DEM files at start up or loading named working set, if no those DEM files exist, depending on DEM file type.
    • In Color table of Panorama view dialog, target of insertion or deletion is always top row, instead of selected row.

Version 5.1.2 ( July 19, 2014 )

  • Correct following issue.
    • Crash after creating user route data with node comments. Also crashed after reading type 4 route data file (jzrout) includes node comments. (Ver. 5.1.1)
    • Couldn’t draw great circle lines for user route data. (from ver. 4.3.3)

Version 5.1.1 ( July 2, 2014 )

  • Change default to no-draw for title and node comment of newly created route kind.
  • Correct following issue.
    • Kind field of all user data will be blanked when kind field of change-all dialog is ‘Mixed’.

Version 5.1.0 ( June 15, 2014 )

  • Support formatting of content field of User Memo Data.
  • Support simple Placemark data of KML format file as user memo data.
  • Support showing place of popup menu to the or Google Map on a web browser such as safari. is supported by Mavericks (OS X 10.9) or later.
  • Correct following issues.
    • Edit all user data function takes very long time to update string attributes.
    • ArcInfo ascii geo-referenced DEM is always drawn on top regardless of its data pitch even if more precise DEMs exist..
    • DEM type and zone number are set invalidly when restore DEMs at start-up.
    • Other minor issues.

Version 5.0.2 ( May 26, 2014 )

  • Correct following issues.
    • Failed to restore the color set if it has only three elevation colors.
    • Tibet and Andes may be colored by white invalidly, when “White Antarctica” is checked.
    • Main window content is drawn too large during resizing window, when Retina display is used.

Version 5.0.1 ( May 1, 2014 )

  • Change the format of User rout data file to speed up saving / reading files.
    Version 5.0.0 can not read those files saved by 5.0.1.
  • Correct an issue that program crash after reading GeoTiff DEM of UTM addressing.

Version 5.0.0 ( Apr. 28, 2014 )

  • Number of elevation colors is variable between 3 and 30.
  • Color boundary elevations can have float value.
  • Support retina display.
  • Supports no shading for Panorama view, Bird’s eye view and stereograph.
  • Supports shadow style of strings.
  • Line width of route data is extended to 30 points. It can have translucent color.
  • Add “defaults” button to “Change all” memo, rout and area dialog.
  • In visible region drawing, add an option to ignore lands near target, so that prevent hiding target by them. It is helpful if the target is on a flat top mountain.

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